Beware of the editing Succubus

The editing succubus, or in my case Incubus, has seduced me again. I’ve been stuck at 44,000 words for a while now, trying to fix the story line and add more details into the old chapter. On the good side, I’m still oppressing my obsession about spelling and sticky sentences- I keep telling myself there is no point in editing now when I could easily remove a chunk of text and toss it tomorrow. On the other not-so-good side, I keep rewriting chapter 3 and trying to come up with ways to improve it and then going back. I’m stuck in Groundhog Day, and it’s tiring! 

Anyway I’ve got to get over this hiccup, vanquish my demons, and get some wordage down. Any tips?


Time management tips to for busy writers



I’ve been overwhelmed lately trying to balance writing, studying for the JLPT in December, working full time, and having a social life… etc. Since cloning is not an option outside Sci Fi novels, I’ve to work out a schedule that accommodates all the things I need/ want to do, and occasionally make sacrifices.

Anyhow, I’ve found some useful tips online and thought of sharing them with you. Enjoy!

1)      Michelle V. Rafter suggests in her post that you,

 a.     Turn off distractions (don’t watch TV while writing or BBm friends. And under no consequence can you peek at Facebook! Facebook will suck your soul- I might be exaggerating).

b.      Use a timer (My personal tip: don’t peek at the timer, so you don’t get yourself out of the zone).

3)      Another blog suggests that you should write before your day begins. This way you won’t be exhausted by the time you get to writing and start dabbling nonsense like me.

4)      My personal tips

a.       Don’t work in 20 projects at the same time. You won’t get anywhere with any of them.

b.      If you have an idea for the next scene but you don’t have time, note it down so you could start with it the next day. This way, you won’t have to waste 15 minutes the next day coming up with an idea.

c.      Prevent burn out: Writing 5000 words a day feels like a great accomplishment. You start calculating in your mind how fast you could finish your novel if your write 5000 words every day. Ain’t gonna happen! Unless you have nothing to do but write (and you wouldn’t be reading this post if you were), you will not be able to sustain it for a long time.

d.     Take advantage of every moment (Aka. write in the bathroom, at the bus stop, in line… etc.)

Three awesome resources for writing your first novel and a quick update.


About one month ago, I posted saying that I decided to bet on myself and start writing my first novel. So far, the first draft sucks and reads a lot like cave-man language, but we all once traced letters in a swigged font before learning to write our names, huh. I’ve got to start somewhere!

Anyway, today I reached 36,500 words mark. Almost half of the first draft is done- Bazinga! I’ve to say, the eid vacation (a week) helped get some millage out of me.

Now enough about me. Here are three awesome resources for the budding writer who is slaving away at his/her first novel.

1- Scrivener

Download this program right now! I saw many people swearing by it online, and I didn’t believe them until I actually tried it. It is the best writing software out there. It is easy to get lost when writing the first novel, but it made it easy to combine everything in one place, which you can later export in all sorts of formats (including epub!).

I’ll dedicate a whole post to it soon.

You can download a trial here:

2- Fiction writing for dummies


I’ll admit: I didn’t expect much out of this book, after taking a look at the Japanese for dummies one. Yet, as it turns out, it is actually very well organized and includes guides you from plotting to finding a publisher.

What it doesn’t tell you about though is proof reading and such. It is not a grammar book.

I also recommend you take a look at blog of Randy Ingermanson, one of the authors. He explains a method he calls “snowflake” for designing a novel.

3- Terrible minds blog by Chuck Wendig

This blog is my motivation bible! It was got my started. One of the posts, ‘25 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING A NOVEL’, is the reason I’m so determined to finish my first novel. The first commandment was “FINISH THE SHIT THAT YOU STARTED”.  That’s what I call tough love!

It has great tips and information, so check it out: