Tempted to cheat

His lure is pulling me in and it’s hard to resist. Not just him, but there are other too; Romantic once, adventurous ones, supernatural ones and some even of the horror genre.

The thing is, I made a commitment to finish Teacup Rebel before moving on to any other of my novel ideas, but as it gets harder (and it does towards the middle of the story, and perhaps it will get even more testing towards the end) I get more attracted to the idea of pursuing another story.

Yesterday, I caught myself thinking, maybe I could just write a little bit about character’s background in “The after-death club” and coming up with a joke that would go great in the scene where- And there I was! Running down a slope of almost writing a scene.

It’s tempting. It is so freaking tempting. New ideas are fun. They are still not complicated and they have all sorts of potential. There are no roadblocks with them. But I can’t get side tracked. If I write a scene in “The after-death club” today, next week I’ll be drooling over “The moderation race”, and then the week after …

I’ve got to finish my baby, before going on and chasing tails and undeveloped plots.


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