The pros and cons of an overly supportive friend

Isn’t it just swell to have friend who is supportive, and not a meat-ball sub (you know, ‘cause food can’t judge). They are a rare breed, the rarest of all, but we all have that one friend who thinks (or tells us) we are super-duper awesome, talented, blessed from God humans. You know who I’m talking about; that colorfully encouraging angel with a brain that produces more dopamine than the rest of us, (the Grinch). So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly about those fluffy muffins.

Good- You always have a fan in a world where everyone wants to *poop* on your confidence.

Bad- They don’t want to hurt your feelings, and thus they don’t make great critics (Not that all critics are cruel). Basically, they’re your mom. They’ll never tell you something you did sucked because they don’t want to break your spirit. We all need to be told  “this sucks, work on it” sometimes; it’s one of the ways we learn to do things better.

Good- It is easy to find inspiration because of their ambiance. I have a friend that lifts me up when I’m down (Thanks Nabs), and suddenly I can write again.

Bad- When the sun is dark, don’t you think it’s night? I mean, imagine if that friend is depressed, don’t you feel like all the hope in humanity is lost? Maybe? Sometimes we get accustomed to seeing people in certain roles, and it’s a shock to our system when we see them in another. It’s basically like learning your father was not a superhero when you turned five.

Anyway, you should be glad you have a friend like him/her. Good or bad, you’re lucky!


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