Courage to experiment and step out of your comfort zone


When I wrote my first fan-fiction, my first ever piece of fiction writing in English, shamed bubbled inside of me. Before pressing the post button, I had decided that it was worth more as a hand-fan. The first good review- ah- I danced like the Oogachaka baby. It gave me enough boost to write a second chapter.

A few months later, I was organizing my stories, and came upon that first one. It was traumatizing. I had a horrible plot, awful grammar, spelling mistakes I didn’t know were possible. My eye itched for the rest of the day. Then I realized, I improved. What if I never wrote that first chapter? What if didn’t have the guts to post it back then? I would have been a different person if I let my insecurities rule me.

Here is a great voice:  I will the beast of “I’m not good enough” in the eye and poke my tongue at it! I’ll be good enough, oneday. And the next day, I’ll be even better!

So, I recently I wrote a weird short story (I might post it later), about a girl who think she’s in a dream. I wrote first person and in present tense. Above all, I made it confusing and dream-like on purpose, just to experiment. . Some people laughed it off (a friend of mine told me she was uncomfortable listening to it). Some people loved it, or at least loved some aspects of it. I might not write in that same style again, but I learned a thing or two.

Whip your insecurities; you are you’re worst critic. Experiment. Write something even if you think people might hate it. It might turn out great. And if it doesn’t, let it teach you how to become a better writer and how to to write something people will truly love.

Think of it as wearing a color you’ve never worn before. Orange or Purple, something you never had the courage before to wear. It might be your color!


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